God Wraps Every Gift With A Problem

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2017


The Bigger The Problem The Bigger The Gift:

I’ve heard it said before that God wraps every gift with a problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the gift. What are you going through today? Don’t you know that a set back could just be an opportunity for a bigger and better comeback. There is one thing certain about life- at some point we will experience a problem. Ok so maybe more than one problem. But I believe that the goal in life shouldn't be to avoid these problems. The goal should be to learn how to cope with them. Looking back at my life I've been through so many ups and downs. And any time I experienced a problem I thought that I was doing something wrong. In fact, I was trying to figure out a way to not have problems. Long story short I ended up feeling like a failure because I was constantly experiencing something that was absolutely normal.

Now of course if you find yourself experiencing the same problem over and over well that might raise a red flag. But life is full of challenges. I believe that these challenges were designed to make us stronger. In fact, not only is it possible to come out of your season stronger but you can actually gain greater insight, perspective and a new outlook on life.

The Biggest Problem I Ever Had To Face Was Drug Addiction:

One of the biggest challenges that I’ve ever faced was drug addiction. I remember thinking when I was using why did this have to happen to me? why am I addicted? what did I do to deserve this? The more I focused on the problem the less I could see the solution. It wasn't until that I took responsibility for my life that I was able to make some changes. Once I took responsibility for my life I decided that I was going to make some changes. I found out what I had to do to get through my problem and I overcame a major obstacle in my life. That was probably one of the biggest problems that I had ever faced. And out of that big problem I received a big gift. I received the gift of life. I received the gift of love. And  it brought me closer to my family and to my God. I was able to use my story to help other people achieve greatness. So I guess it is true- the bigger the problem the bigger the gift! I have more now in my life than I have ever dreamed or imagined.

So it's not necessarily the problems that get us. It's how we deal with our problems. Are you quick to blame? Do you hold on to resentments? Are you quick to get angry at other people for your problems? Or do you take responsibility? Are you quick to move into action and overcome the obstacles in your life? And ultimately- do you see the big picture.

I don't know what you're going through right now but I can assure you, you will reap the rewards on the seeds that you sow.

Daily Action Step:

For today’s action step I want you to put your problems into perspective. See it for what it is. And decide that there is always a power greater than the challenges that you are going through. Look for the one good thing that you can take from your current circumstance and act on it!


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