Warriors Nature Retreat Program: A New Approach to Addressing Veteran Trauma


The Warriorsā€™ Retreat helps veterans begin the journey toward healing and well-being through an IFS, nature-based, trauma-informed therapeutic experience. Participants connect with those who have similar backgrounds, and let go of burdens they have been carrying from the trauma of military service. In an environment that feels familiar and safe.

This concept was designed and implemented by Beau Laviolette, US Marine veteran, LCSW and Ray Mount, US Army veteran, PhD, co-founders of the Healing Corp. This experience incorporates individual and group therapy, along with a 2.5-day nature retreat. We have found that veterans work better when surrounded by other veterans working toward the same goal, in a setting that encourages their missing combat buddy to become replaced by a new trail buddy.

Warriors Nature Retreat Program Testimonials

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Supporting our veterans is one of the most impactful ways to give back to those who have selflessly served our country. By donating to a worthy cause, you can help fund vital retreat programs that are free for veterans, ensuring they receive the rest, recovery, and support they need without any added stress. Your contributions, whether in the form of funds or supplies, are crucial in keeping this program running smoothly. Sponsor a veteran today and be a part of a transformative journey toward healing and well-being. Text me to find out how you can donate and keep this invaluable program going.


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