Professional Experience


Beau is a highly qualified and compassionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 14 years of experience working in mental health. Beau is an EMDR Approved Consultant, Certified IFS Therapist, and IFS-EMDR Trainer. His professional experience consists of:

  • PTSD and Complex Trauma
  • EMDR- Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • IFS (Internal Family Systems) Advanced Level 2 Trained
  • IFS-EMDR Consultations for Therapists (EMDRIA Approved)
  • Program Assistant for Level 1 IFS Trainings 
  • Program Assistant and Trainer for Bruce Hersey's IFS-EMDR Trainings
  • 3 Day IFS Nature Retreats 
  • Co-Founder of IFS Healing Corps.
  • Professional Speaking
  • Addiction

As a former United States Marine and president of the Student Veteran Association at Tulane (SVAT) Beau has learned how to lead and serve any team that he has had the pleasure of belonging to.  He is also the co-founder of the IFS Healing Corps, an organization that brings IFS to veterans and active duty military. After Beau was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2002, he decided to continue his career in serving others.



Beau has worked for various addiction treatment centers in the New Orleans area including Responsibility House, Resources for Human Development (RHD), Gateway Recovery and The Jefferson parish District Attorney's Office. Beau received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Tulane University in 2011 and a Masters of Social Work from the Tulane School of Social Work (TSSW) in 2013.



Beau completed his internship at the University of New Orleans Counseling Center. There he conducted individual counseling sessions, career testing(Myers Briggs), workshops, didactics and outreach services. Beau Launched Therapy Teacher LLC in 2015 and Joined Lighthouse Counseling Center in 2016. Beau currently owns a private practice in Baton Rouge, LA. where he resides with his wife and two boys. 



Mission: To help people discover their true potential through education and counseling.


We Set The Bar High: Therapy Teacher was created with a main goal in mind- To exceed expectations on every piece of content created & service offered. Achieving this goal will allow us the opportunity to deliver Top Notch programs that add value- Guaranteed!


To listen/read my personal story please go to My Story- The Rooms Project 



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