Don't Manage Time. Do This Instead

Don’t Manage Time- Do This Instead

Don’t Manage Time. Manage What You Do With Your Time:

Today I want to talk to you about managing your energy instead of your time. Now it turns out that you can’t really manage time. Time is what it is. You have 24 hours in a day; no more no less. So you can’t really manage that. What you can do is manage what you do with your time. Since everything that we do requires energy, it’s vital that we take a look at our daily activities to  make sure that we manage those things effectively so we can have the strength and enthusiasm for sustained physical and mental activity.

In the book the power of full engagement the author states that our thoughts, feelings and behaviors have energy consequences. In other words, everything that you are going to think today, feel today and do today will either add energy to your life or take energy away.

I want you to think about that for a second. What do your thoughts consist of? Do they consist of worry, resentment or negative/distorted thoughts? Or are your thoughts accurate, positive and most likely focus on the present moment mentally (in other words do you constantly live in the past/future or stay focused on the present.

How about your feelings? do you feel negative emotions most of the time or positive emotions.

How about your behaviors? Are you constantly being distracted and putting out fires? Before you finish one task someone or something is asking you to start on something else. Or are you engaged in physical activities that actually not only not take energy  away but it  gives you energy back. Such as, exercise, prayer/meditation or yoga.

You see I've discovered that if my energy source is low then so is my mood, ambition and productivity. In my opinion energy is everything. If you have it you’re more likely to be successful. if you don’t then you’re more likely to experience burnout, fatigue and even depression.

Today’s action step:

Today I want you to be aware of those energy robbers in your life. Be aware of your thinking. If you find yourself thinking negatively then ask yourself if it’s justifiable . if it’s not then change it. Be aware of your feelings. Now remember there is nothing wrong with feeling a negative emotion (that is normal) it’s when we hold on to the negative for a long period of time that becomes a problem. And lastly what are you doing physically? I want you to pick one thing that you can do today that will add energy to your life (go for a walk. Find a quiet spot and meditate for a while. Maybe go to your favorite hangout/ church and get recharged). listen- this is your life and you deserve the best. So go now! Take charge of your life and manage your energy the right way.

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