Hilltop Moments- FInd Out What Makes You Stronger


Hilltop Moments- What Makes You Stronger!

Today I’m going to show you how going through your troubles can actually prepare you for some of your greatest achievements.

A while back I had the pleasure of watching my favorite NFL football team go to and win the super bowl. I'll never forget the interview that one of the reporters asked Drew Brees (The quarterback for the New Orleans saints) what it was like to win the game that would take them to the super bowl. In short he said its great! Tonight we will celebrate but tomorrow we have to focus on the super bowl. Low and behold the saints went to Miami that year and beat the colts for a super bowl victory. The reporter basically asked him the same question and he responded with pretty much the same answer. It's a great feeling- a great win. Tonight we will celebrate but tomorrow we focus on next season.

The super bowl win for pretty much everyone in Louisiana was what I like to call a hilltop moment. Hill top moments are moments in life that don't really last that long but they give you the greatest satisfaction and happiness. My hill top moments in life consist of the day I graduated from Tulane University, got my masters degree, got married, picked up my 1 year sobriety chip, bought my first home and watched the birth of my son.

You see all those things actually took seconds to do. Walking across the stage to get my diploma literally took 5 seconds. Getting married took about 30 minutes. Picking up my sobriety token took 3 seconds. Watching my son being brought into this world took a few minutes (although if you ask my wife I’m sure she'll say it took a little longer than that)

You see those things (although very exciting to accomplish and brought me great joy) didn't actually make me stronger. It was the climb that brought me to those hilltops. It’s when I was in the dark valley that my faith was tested. It was all those nights that I wanted to quit saying college wasn’t for me. Or the first 90 days of my recovery when I could swear I was white knuckling it thinking I wanted to use but I didn't. It was all those days praying to God for a soul mate but staying in faith by working on me. You see I’ve discovered that we live for the hill top moments and we ignore the valleys and the climb. Your struggles today could be preparing you for something great.

I don't know where you are right now. Perhaps you're in a good season.  Things are going well for you; your prayers are being answered- you are on your hilltop. I would say enjoy it. Have fun. Celebrate. Or maybe you're in the valley. Or, perhaps you are on the climb. Either way, I want to encourage you to keep pushing and stay true to your goals. I promise- sooner or later you're going to encounter your hilltop.

Today’s Action Step:

For today's action step I want you to journal about this lesson. And, understand that where you are today doesn't have to be where you stay tomorrow. Know where you're going in life and stay true to your values and desires. You deserve the best. Don't ever forget that!



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