Hilltop Moments- FInd Out What Makes You Stronger


Hilltop Moments- What Makes You Stronger!

Today I’m going to show you how going through your troubles can actually prepare you for some of your greatest achievements.

A while back I had the pleasure of watching my favorite NFL football team go to and win the super bowl. I'll never forget the interview that one of the reporters asked Drew Brees (The quarterback for the New Orleans saints) what it was like to win the game that would take them to the super bowl. In short he said its great! Tonight we will celebrate but tomorrow we have to focus on the super bowl. Low and behold the saints went to Miami that year and beat the colts for a super bowl victory. The reporter basically asked him the same question and he responded with pretty much the same answer. It's a great feeling- a great win. Tonight we will celebrate but tomorrow we focus on next season.

The super bowl win for pretty much everyone in Louisiana was what I like to call a hilltop moment. Hill top moments are...

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