If You Want To Succeed Do This First!

The One Thing To Make Your Life Better

If I had to pick one thing, one element, one tool or skill to use to improve my way of life it would be Taking Responsibility For My Life!

It turns out that people who don't do this (take responsibility for themselves) usually blame others for their circumstances. And although there may be legitimate reason for blaming it doesn't really fix the problem. In fact if anything blaming just takes you out of the driver's seat and it gives control to the one you're blaming. You see when you take responsibility for your life you are in control. You are basically saying regardless of what happened to me or what is going on in the world (maybe it's fair/not fair, just/unjust, right /wrong) I’m not going to let other people’s drama get the best of me.

I remember when I first took responsibility for my life. I was 25 years old and had to make a decision. I was either going to blame my family, friends, the environment, government for my...

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