Calm Your Body Down In 2 Minutes or Less

5X Check In Method

Do This Technique 5 Times A Day For More Focus, Energy and Calmness.

One day I was sitting at my desk and noticed something that I had never really felt before. For the first time I was actually aware at how distressed I was. My shoulders were tense, my body felt numb and my breathing was heavy. I had been non stop all day long. I was ripping and running trying to make deadlines (mostly for other people). At that point I was forced to look at myself. I stopped and observed my mind and my body. I became aware of my thinking and how I was processing information. I noticed exactly how each part of my body felt and which areas were relaxed and which were tense.

My normal routine looked like this:

I was always on the go. I was always worrying about what I had to do next. I usually dealt with my tasks with resentment and frustration. And the list went on and on…

Once I realized that this way of working was literally going to kill me I decided to change. So I did something called the 5x check in method. The check in method basically means that you remove yourself from all distractions, breathe and  focus on you for 5 minutes. Doing this allows you to notice where the tension is in your body and ultimately relieve the stress that’s keeping you from being your best.

Here’s How It Works:

Sit comfortably and relax your body. Once you do that you are going to inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. Note that this was one breath. You will do this 5 times in one sitting. This should take you about a minute to do. As you breathe, it’s very important that you allow the stress and tension to leave your body. As you breathe in notice where the tension is. Is it in your neck? Or maybe you feel stress in your lower back or shoulders. You may also want to allow yourself to empty the chatter box of thoughts you have running through your mind.

This is a total cleansing yet simple process to do that takes no more than 5 minutes to do each time you do it.

The goal is to do this 5 times per day:

When I first did my check in method I literally felt something change in my brain. It was amazing! I felt relaxed, calm and almost rejuvenated. For the first few weeks until this becomes a habit you may want to put a sticky note on your computer or bathroom mirror to remind you to do the 5x check in method.

Daily Action Step:

Choose 5 times that you can do the 5x check in method. I usually do mine first thing in the morning (this helps me start my morning off with the right attitude), 10am, after lunch, 300pm and right before bed (this helps me reflect on my day). Once you have chosen your times, do it. Be patient! Eventually you will get used of doing this exercise and taking time out of the day for yourself will become habitual. It’s a simple task that delivers amazing results.

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