Calm Your Body Down In 2 Minutes or Less

5X Check In Method

Do This Technique 5 Times A Day For More Focus, Energy and Calmness.

One day I was sitting at my desk and noticed something that I had never really felt before. For the first time I was actually aware at how distressed I was. My shoulders were tense, my body felt numb and my breathing was heavy. I had been non stop all day long. I was ripping and running trying to make deadlines (mostly for other people). At that point I was forced to look at myself. I stopped and observed my mind and my body. I became aware of my thinking and how I was processing information. I noticed exactly how each part of my body felt and which areas were relaxed and which were tense.

My normal routine looked like this:

I was always on the go. I was always worrying about what I had to do next. I usually dealt with my tasks with resentment and frustration. And the list went on and on…

Once I realized that this way of working was literally going to kill me I decided to change. So I did...

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